Cold Fogger - The Deep Cleanser

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Fogging equipment is only as good as the effectiveness of the biocide used.

SteriZar is a  biocidal disinfectant highly tested & proven effective against all Bacteria, Viruses, Spores, & Fungi while remaining safe to use and fully biodegradable.

What is Bio-fogging

Bio-fogging is a sterilisation technique that creates a dry or wet mist which eliminates a high percentage, if not all, pathogens that cannot be reached by conventional cleaning. It is long established and recognised method of sterilising an entire surface area, including walls, ceilings, furnishing, carpets and floors. The methods involved in the Bio-fogging process have been used and developed over a number of years.

How effective is Bio-fogging

Bio-fogging is an extremely effective sterilisation method. Biocides are used in the process and is proven to work effectively against viruses, fungi, spores and bacteria such as Influenza, MRSA, C.difficile, Norovirus.

The biocides we use conform to the EU Standards Biocide Directive.

Does Fogging Damage Surfaces

The answer is very much dependant on the liquid used within the machine, SteriZar will not cause damage to any surrounding surfaces be it hard surface or soft furnishings, though some fogging products containing Hydrogen Peroxide as a sanitising agent, which can have a ph level of between 2-3 (acidic) have been known to have a serious detrimental effect of both soft furnishing and the general fabric of the building. SteriZar with a ph level of between 7-8 (rain water), can therefore be used in all environments without removing furnishings, or having to seal vents to prevent a toxic formulation transgressing into other areas of the building.


The dry foggers (thermal foggers) produce small droplets that will remain airborne for a period of time and carry into nearly all of the airspace in any given area. Cold fog will also penetrate airspaces without remaining in the air for such a long period of time, and with some machines the droplets can be produced in sufficient numbers to create a wetting effect on surfaces.

Cold Fogging

The process works by filling a room with a fine mist that can vary  from 5 - 50 micron particles (1 micron = 1 millionth of a metre or 1 thousandth of a millimetre. 1mm = 1 thousandth of a metre). These particles being so small, remain suspended in the air long enough to kill some of the airborne viral or bacterial contamination, but as the particles settle onto all surfaces, even the ones never touched by conventional cleaning, the biocide continues to kill any surface contamination and more importantly prevents any future cross contamination.

Within the SteriZar formulation are positive charged Ions that give the product the ability to adhere to any surface that the particles come in contact with, be it the underside of furniture, walls or ceilings.

Using the variable control nozzle on the fogging machine, complete control of particle size and output is easily applied dependant on the area and type of sanitisation required.

Key Features

  • Power of large, long range, low noise, fogging effect is good.

  • Machine, light weight, 3.5 litres liquid capacity.

  • Ability for either large-scale spraying operations or more specialist sanitisation of isolated areas.

  • Compact, efficient, and effective cold fogger 

Areas of Cold Fogging

  • Hospitals & Ambulances – NHS Hospitals, Hospices, Private Hospitals, Ambulances and Surgeries
  • Residential / Nursing Homes – Social service care homes for adults & children, special day care centres, learning & disability centres
  • Education and Health – Public & Private Schools, Nurseries, Day Centres, Health Centres, Gymnasiums, Health club changing rooms and Swimming Baths
  • Police – Cars, Cells, Prisons and People carrying vehicles

  • Public Transport – Taxis, Buses, Trains, coaches, mini buses and planes

  • Leisure Industry – Cruise Liners, Hotels, Hostels, Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Bistros and Cafes 

  • Office and Workplaces – Public, Private or Residential

  • Tenured and Void properties – Local housing authority, housing associations & trusts, landlords and others

  • Ventilation Systems in all public, private and commercial buildings 



Dry Fogging

SteriMist 100

The SteriMist is classed as a dry fogger or dry mist generator is ideal where the objective is to sanitise the air as well as the surfaces within a confined area, and especially applicable in areas where there is electrical or sensitive equipment continually housed.

The use of STERI-Mist 100, which is a dry aerosol generator designed to guarantee mechanical transition of a liquid solution from the static state (liquid held in the reservoir) to the dynamic state (mist particles of the liquid) for dispersion, which means producing a dry mist that will penetrate all areas within an enclosed space, but most importantly, due to the variable size of droplets, some will remain suspended for longer periods of time sanitising the air within the room, while the larger particles will permutated onto the surfaces within the room, providing a complete sanitisation within a limited amount of time. 

For practical reasons, the machine has been studied to emit a mixed suspension, aerosolic and hyperaerosolic, in the following proportion of particle diameter: from 0.3 to 10 microns, with a total capacity of 15 ml of liquid at D-1. Thanks to this dosing of micelles, it is possible to disinfect both ambient air and exposed surfaces simultaneously.

Micelles, (liquid particles) up to 5 microns tend to remain suspended in air, while those with greater diameter tend to rest (pseudocontact) on exposed surfaces.


  • Safe to use in areas containing electrical or sensitive equipment

  • Efficient sanitisation of both air and surrounding hard surfaces

  • Ideal for smaller areas (8 to 80m3)




The highest levels of specialisation can be jeopardised by the slightest negligence, therefore the use of fogging procedures alongside normal infection control methods should be seen as an extra benefit to providing a safer and healthier environment.

Suitable uses for the Cold Fogger Include:

Potato sheds, Poultry Farms, Greenhouses, Schools, Public Transport & Large Kitchens


Fogging Safety

When using SteriZar as a fogging solution, it is essential that respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and personal protective equipment (PPE) are worn when applying the product in a fogging scenario.

The area to be fogged should be cleared of all personnel and pets prior to fogging.

The area should be completely vented after fogging for a minimum of 30 minutes before entering the said area (dependent on ventilation airflow)

Cold Fogger Manual

Download the Cold Fogger Operations Manual by Clicking Here

Demonstration Video

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Halal Approved

The SteriZar range of products have been Halal certified.