The Sterizar range of products are highly effective multipurpose cleaners, wipes and more.

Sterizar Hand Sanitisers

Sterizar Hand Sanitisers are designed to be used in any application to kill bacteria in seconds. With Sterizar’s Advanced Barrier Control you have peace of mind, no need to rinse – simply apply and relax.

Sterizar Hand Sanitisers are Alcohol Free and available as Foamers, Hand Gels, Rubs and Wipes.

Sterizar Hard Surface Cleaners

Our Sterizar Hard Surface Cleaners Come in 750ml Sprays, 5 Litre Tubs or as Hand Wipes.
They kill a variety of bacteria and use our Barrier Control – They are all Alcohol Free.

Steri 49 Plus Floor Cleaner

Steri 49 Plus is Sterizar on steroids! Cleans and deodorises in one application.

Sterizar Fogger

Our unique Fogger system ensures Sterizar is delivered to every corner of your room or workplace. Using Sterizar in this way guarantees full coverage of any kitchen, workplace or home.

Sterizar Range Of Products

All the products in the Sterizar Range, whether it is our Sterizar Hand Sanitiser, Sterizar Hard Surface Cleaner or Sterizar based Floor Cleaner are Alcohol Free and designed to be a safe way to sanitise your environment from many type pf bacteria.

Sterizar’s Anti-Bacterial properties work along side our Barrier Control technology to ensure long lasting protection for you, your family and workmates.

SteriZar Can Be Used In:

 Dentists' Surgeries
 Doctors' Surgeries
 Food Preparation Areas
 Transport Decontamination
 Nursing Homes
 Veterinary Surgeries
 Equine Care
 Health Centres

And more...