What Is SteriZar?

SteriZar is an advanced biocidal cleaner and hand sanitiser that remains active when dry.

SteriZar uses ground breaking technology to eradicate bacteria and viruses.

Not only kills the bacteria but kills any smells associated with bacteria. All this whilst being non toxic, non irritant and non corrosive.

Benefits of SteriZar Include:

 Excellent Cleaner & Sanitiser
 Kills 99.999% of Bacteria in 30 seconds
 Alcohol Free & Non Flammable
 Leaves Surfaces bacteria free for up to 30 Days
 Tested Food safe
 Eradicates Bacteria & Kills Smells
 Can be used to Sanitise Medical instruments
 Ph Level of 6.5- 7.3
 Halal Certified
 Effective even when dry
 Easier, cleaner, safer lives for everyone

Halal Approved

Halal Monitoring Committee UK

The SteriZar range of products have been Halal certified.